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(BEIRUT, LEBANON January 29, 2001)

Bism Allâh ar-Rahmân ar-Rahîm
As-salâmu alaikum wa rahmatullah.

Brothers and Sisters:

First, allow me to apologize for speaking in English.Although I am a Palestinian whose mother was born and raised in Jerusalem and whose father was born in a small village that the Israelis have now partially incorporated into Jerusalem through their expansion of the definition of the city’s borders, yet I must speak in English because my Arabic is inadequate to the task.It is a poor excuse for my weak Arabic, but it is nonetheless a fact that I have never lived in the Arab world because I was born a refugee on a ship on the Atlantic Ocean as my mother fled to America in 1948.I was born stateless like my people.

Four members of the American delegation to 
the "First Conference on Jerusalem" in Beirut 
in January, 2001: Ahmed Yusef, Abdurrahman 
Alamoudi, Yaser Bushnaq, and Imad-ad-Dean 
I came to this meeting looking forward to dealing with practical issues of constructing a new international organization dedicated to the liberation of Jerusalem.After listening to the general comments today, I have no doubt of the firmness of the conviction of every person here to see Jerusalem liberated.But as you are my brothers and sisters I must speak to you frankly about my concerns. The Zionists in America claim that the Arab and Muslim defenders of Palestine speak with a different voice in Arabic than they do in English.Throughout the proceedings I have been appalled at frequent requests to the translator to stop translating into English.In the Qur’an Allah (swt) says that secret councils are the work of the devil.Anyone ashamed of his own opinions should refuse to say them in any language.My suggestion and recommendation is that we stop speaking only to one another and speak to the world.
Our effectiveness will depend on the intelligence with which we pursue it.Misunderstanding of the forces against us will not bring us nearer to our goal.I inform you that the support of Zionism which is the policy of the American government is not the result of a disposition toward Zionism by the American people but because of the their ignorance.The American people are well-meaning, but lack knowledge of the true nature of Zionism, hearing only what the Zionist-controlled media and politicians have let them know.But the lion’s share of the blame lies not with the Zionists nor with the slavish media nor the corrupt politicians: it lies with us that we have not been frank and direct with the people of America and the world, preferring to work with corrupt governments in the Muslim world or with power-hungry revolutionary movements that would be no better than the tyrants they would replace, as the PA demonstrates.
The American people are unaware of Zionism’s history, its racist foundation, its colonialist nature, and the systematic brutality of its daily dealings with the indigenous people of Palestine.Most Americans do not even know that there are Christian Palestinians.

Without American aid to Israel, Israeli intransigence would become impossible.The education of the American people is an invaluable element of the work before us. I came here in the hopes that this organization could play a role in that education.If this organization will abandon the duplicitous and heirarchical modes of operation that have plagued the Muslim world for hundreds of years and operate as the open and transparent agency of afraid of no one and nothing but Allah subhana wa ta’allah, then my hopes, including the liberation of Palestine, may yet come to pass. 
  Akûlu kawla hadhi wa astghfirallahul adhîm.

Jazâkum Allah al-khair!

Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad

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