The Minaret of Freedom Institute is now embarking on an expansion of its activities, and seeks qualified senior and junior fellows to join our team.


Fellows shall be paid for writing op-ed pieces (including letters to the editor and media interviews), academic papers, representing the Minaret of Freedom Institute in panel discussions or by delivering lectures. All such consulting associates must be pre-approved by the Board of directors and each particular contribution must be approved by the President. Such pieces shall be compensated according to the length of the piece based on a scale set by the Board of Directors for a particular consulting associate based on his/her qualifications.

Fellows must be highly qualified academics or policy research specialists with a strong commitment to liberty, free markets, and a better understanding of Islam in the non-Muslim world.  To be considered, appllicants must have demonstrated their abilities at academic research, policy analysis, and  communicative skills.  Senior fellows must have an established record of at least five years of effective activity and an impresive record of previous publications. Junior fellows must have either an advanced degree in a related field or at least one year of  promising activity and some impressive previous publication.

Fellows will be independent contractors whose work for the organization is piecemeal. To apply for a position as fellow, send your resume (including a bibliography) to the Minaret of Freedom Institute along with a one-page letter explaining your qualifications and interest in the position and the names of three references. Be sure to specify the particular areas in which you wish to contribute. You may e-mail your application to [email protected], or mail it to:


Minaret of Freedom Institute

4323 Rosedale Avenue

Bethesda, MD 20814


E-mail requests for more information to [email protected].


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