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Summary of MFI Activities in 2010

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December 2010

November 2010

October 2010

September 2010

  • Minaret of Freedom Institute president Dr. Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad spoke on �Freedom of Religion and Speech: We Can, but Should We?� at Georgetown University.
  • We conducted our Encounter Islam program at St. Like�s Church in Darien CT.
  • We co-produced a program on �Religion and Jeffersonian Democracy� for "The Scholar�s Chair" program on CTV.
  • Dr. Ahmad participated in a panel discussion on �Islam and Religious Freedom� at the Oxon Hill Library.
  • Dr. Ahmad presented a talk on Islam, Science and Liberalism at American University.
  • Dr. Ahmad spoke on religious freedom at the MCC annual iftar for Montgomery County Schools.

August 2010

July 2010

June 2010

May 2010

  • Alejandro Beutel and Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad presented the paper �Religious or Policy Justification for Violence?: A Quantitative Content Analysis of Bin Ladin�s Statements� at the annual meeting of the Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy.   
  • We counseled Hussein Ezzeldin of the University of Maryland on an �Islam Awareness Year.�   
  • Dr. Ahmad was interviewed by El Mercurio on "Expectations for the Obama-Netanyahu Meeting" Posted on our blog.
  • T.O. Shanavas gave a brown bag lunch presentation on Evolution and Islam.   
  • We met with Lt. Col. Shareda Hosein to discuss relations between the Muslim community and U.S. armed forces.    
  • Dr. Ahmad was interviewed by Farspress on "The Crisis in Pakistan: Is There a Way Out?", posted on our blog.
  • We were interviewed by Mounir Azzoui, a Ph.D. student from Germany on the Muslim Community in America for his dissertation.   
  • We responded to an inquiry from Michelle Jeffress (Fund for American Studies) on Islamic Banking.   
  • Dr. Ahmad and Alejandro Beutel attended an al-Waref conference on �Separation of Church and State� for the Muslim World.   
  • We provide input for an article for Egypt on the Future of Islam in the Middle East written by a Free Market advocate.   
  • Dr. Ahmad spoke at the Rumi Forum Friendship dinner on the contributions of the Rumi Forum and MFI to interfaith dialog.   
  •  We met with Michael Strong (a writer and entrepreneur) and Maggate Wade (a Senegalese entreppreneur) to discuss promotion of Minaret of Freedom Institute and possible collaboration.   
  • We created a video page for the website adding Mohammed Nosseir's Q&A session on "Market Reform in Egypt" and Azzam Khamisi's talk �An Example of Peacemaking Through Forgiveness in Islam� to the existing videos.   
  • We initiated a twitter account (click here to sign up for minaret_freedom at
  • Imran Malik opined on "Obama's First Hundred Days" on our blog.
  • Dr. Ahmad has posted the article "Rape at Abu Ghuraib -- State of Denial" on our blog.
  • Imran Malik has posted an article on why "More Nukes Are Counter-productive for Pakistan" on our blog.

April 2010

March 2010

February 2010

January 2010

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