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Upcoming Events

  • Plans for our 2015 annual dinner are underway.

Current Projects 

  • We initiated a collaboration with Thompson Ayodele of Nigeria for a conference on Islam and Markets for the benefit of African Muslims.   
  • Planning a project to educate Muslims on civil liberties, civic participation, and basic American Law.
  • Preparation of a book on disentangling culture from religion.
  • Preparation of a pamphlet on "Women in Islam: Hard Questions: Intelligent Answers".
  • Preparation of a paper on the politico-economy of the classical Islamic civilization.

Recently Completed Projects and Events

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  • Minaret of Freedom Institute president Dr. Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad met with Iran's new president to discuss the negotiations on the nuclear standoff.
  • Dr. Ahmad participated in the International Institute of Islamic Thought program at the ISNA convention in panels on Shura and on the Arab spring.
  • "Jamaica Speaks" radio interviewed Dr. Ahmad on the resumption of the Middle East peace "process" from Aug. 14, and on the situation in Syria from Sept. 13 and Sept. 16.
  • Dr. Ahmad's series of notes on the International Institute of Islamic Thought conference on Good Governance in Islam: Classical and Contemporary Approaches summarizes the presentation and discussion of  Dr. Norton Mezvinsky's "On Christian Zionism" and on Good Governance in Islam: Classical and Contemporary Approaches summarizes the presentation and discussion of Professor Seifuddein Adem's “Relevance of Ibn Khaldun’s Ideas to the Discourse on Good Governance were published on our blog.

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  • Dr. Ahmad appeared with Hugh Whelchel  of the Reformed Theological Seminary and Ed Hudgins, Director of Advocacy  of the Atlas Society, at a panel discussion of "the Role of Religion in the Public Square" at the Fund for American Studies.

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