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Upcoming Events

  • Plans for our TWENTY-FIFTH anniversary dinner are underway.

Current Projects 

  • We initiated a collaboration with Thompson Ayodele of Nigeria for a conference on Islam and Markets for the benefit of African Muslims.   
  • Planning a project to educate Muslims on civil liberties, civic participation, and basic American Law.
  • Preparation of a book on disentangling culture from religion.
  • Preparation of a pamphlet on "Women in Islam: Hard Questions: Intelligent Answers".
  • Preparation of a paper on the politico-economy of the classical Islamic civilization.

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  • Dr. Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad attended the 2015 C3 US-Arab Business Summit.
  • Dr. Ahmad attended the USIP conference on "Gender Equality in Islam."
  • Dr. Ahmad attended the CATO Institute program on "Fifty Years after Reform: The Successes, Failures, and the Lessons from the Immigration Act of 1965"
  • Dr. Ahmad attended Dr. Richard Epstein's talk on "The Continuing Relevance of Hayek's The Constitution of Liberty" at the Mercvatus Center at GMU.

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  • Dr. Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad was quoted in Lisa Suhai's Christian Science Monitor article "Planned Phoenix 'Muhammed' Cartoon Rally Outside Mosque Has Many Nervous."
  • Dr. Ahmad represented the Minaret of Freedom Institute at the Council on Foreign Relations workshop on Religion and Foreign Policy in New York.
  • Voice of Russia interviewed Dr. Ahmad on "Iran's Role in Iraq's Fight Against ISIS."
  • Dr. Ahmad's notes from the presentation by Mouez Khalfaoui on “Marriage Law in Indonesia: Deconstructing the Concept of Women’s Rights Within Islam” at the 2014 IIIT conference on Islamic Law and Ethics  were published on our blog.
  • Dr. Ahmad's notes from presentations by David R. Vishanoff on “The Ethical Structure of Imam al-Haramayn al-Juwayni’s Usul al-Fiqh” and Samy Ayoub on “Necessity and Ethical Hierarchy in Islamic Law” at the 2014 IIIT conference on Islamic Law and Ethics were published on our blog.
  • Dr. Ahmad's notes from the presentation by Mouez Khalfaoui on “Work Ethics in Muslim Culture: The Transformation of an Obligation Into a Right” at the 2014 IIIT conference on Islamic Law and Ethics
    were published on our blog.

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