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Summary of MFI Activities in 2009

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December 2009
  • The Free Market Mojo website has published an interview with Minaret of Freedom Institute president Dr. Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad exploring the question of the compatibility of Islam and capitalism.
  • We advised a newly graduated worker in the field of domestic rural development on how to combat distortions about Islam in Appalachia.
  • Dr. Ahmad attended an open forum convened by Dr. Esam Omeish to discuss the development of the Muslim community in America.
  • We discussed Muslim and libertarian concerns over the unconstitutionality of the census questionnaires with a representative of the census effort.

November 2009
  • Minaret of Freedom Institute president Dr. Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad was the featured speaker at an Encounter Islam breakfast program of the Center for Interfaith Reconciliation at St. Stephan�s Episcopal Church in Richmond VA.
  • Dr. Ahmad gave a presentation on �Misconceptions About Islam� to young Latin American social entepreneurs at the Poder / Americas Business Council Foundation�s �Americas Forecast 2010-2020� convention in Miami.
  • Dr. Ahmad wrote book review of Asma Afsaruddin�s The First Muslims for the American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences.
  • EBRU-TV mentioned Dr. Ahmad's speech on the importance of education to promote tolerance and peace in its coverage of the conference on Preventing Violence and Achieving World Peace"at the University of Maryland College Park.

October 2009

September 2009
  • Minaret of Freedom Institute president Dr. Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad spoke with Iran�s President Ahmadinejad about the Iranian elections at a luncheon in NYC.
  • Dr. Ahmad spoke about tolerance in Islam at the Muslim Community Center�s iftar for Montgomery County Public Schools faculty and administration.
  • We published �Freedom, Not Fashion, Is the Issue,� Khalid Blankenship�s rebuttal to Elham Manea�s criticism of Obama�s defense of Muslim women�s right to wear a headscarf on our blog.
  • Dr. Ahmad broached the subject of Somali pirates with Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed at a MAS reception for the Somali president.
  • Dr. Ahmad addressed the Islamic Society of the Washington Area on �Improving the World� at their Lailat-ul-Qadr observance.

August 2009

July 2009

  • The July/August issue of Islamic Horizons Magazine features an article on Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness by Dr. Ahmad.
  • The inaugural meeting of the Islamic Resource Bank for the Directory of Policy Experts on Islamic studies and Muslim Affairs was held at the International Institute of Islamic Thought and covered by Atlas Economic Research Foundation Network News and by Rima Abdulhady of Russia Today�s Arabic service (posted online).
  • Dr. Ahmad has published his responses to PressTV's inquiry about "A Window of Opportunity for Iran and the U.S." on our blog.
  • We met with Francine Kiefer of the Christian Science Monitor�s Washington Bureau to discuss the Islamic Resource Bank and the work of the Minaret of Freedom Institute.
  • Dr. Ahmad and Imran Malik discuss Fayyad�s Folly: Disarming His Own People on our blog.
  • Imran Malik wrote a blog on Initiating the Stalled Peace Process Through a Settlement Freeze.
  • We were interviewed by Elaine Gutu and Donimique Bivens on Muslim families in America.
  • Dr. Ahmad has published his responses to PressTV's inquiry about "A Window of Opportunity for Iran and the U.S." on our blog.
  • Imran Malik wrote a blog on "Repercussions of the Iranian Elections.
  • Dr. Ahmad gave an introductory presentation on Islam at the Renaissance Weekend at Jackson Hole.
  • We met with Hashim El-Tinay to discuss possible collaboration with Salam Sudan.
  • Dr. Ahmad was interviewed by Ninie Syarkin on VoA on the activities of the Minaret of Freedom Institute.
  • Dr. Ahmad participated in the IIIT summer institute.
  • We collaborated with Jack Greenblatt in formulating a mutual Jewish-Palestinian statement aimed at being the foundation for a peace initiative.

June 2009

May 2009

  • �Religious or Policy Justification for Violence?: A Quantitative Content Analysis of Bin Ladin�s Statements� at the annual meeting of the Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy.   
  • We counseled Hussein Ezzeldin of the University of Maryland on an �Islam Awareness Year.�   
  • Dr. Ahmad was interviewed by El Mercurio on "Expectations for the Obama-Netanyahu Meeting" Posted on our blog.
  • T.O. Shanavas gave a brown bag lunch presentation on Evolution and Islam.   
  • Alejandro Beutel and Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad presented the paper
  • We met with Lt. Col. Sareda Hosein to discuss relations between the Muslim community and U.S. armed forces.    
  • Dr. Ahmad was interviewed by Farspress on "The Crisis in Pakistan: Is There a Way Out?", posted on our blog.
  • We were interviewed by Mounir Azzoui, a Ph.D. student from Germany on the Muslim Community in America for his dissertation.   
  • We responded to an inquiry from Michelle Jeffress (Fund for American Studies) on Islamic Banking.   
  • Dr. Ahmad and Alejandro Beutel attended an al-Waref conference on �Separation of Church and State� for the Muslim World.   
  • We provide imput for an article for Egypt on the Future of Islam in the Middle East written by a Free Market advocate.   
  • Dr. Ahmad spoke at the Rumi Forum Friendship dinner on the contributions of the Rumi Forum and MFI to interfaith dialog.   
  •  We met with Michael Strong (a writer and entrepreneur) and Maggate Wade (a Senegalese entreppreneur) to discuss promotion of Minaret of Freedom Institute and possible collaboration.   
  • We created a video page for the website adding Mohammed Nosseir's Q&A session on "Market Reform in Egypt" and Azzam Khamisi's talk �An Example of Peacemaking Through Forgiveness in Islam� to the existing videos.   
  • We initiated a twitter account (click here to sign up for minaret_freedom at
  • Imran Malik opined on "Obama's First Hundred Days" on our blog.
  • Dr. Ahmad has posted the article "Rape at Abu Ghuraib -- State of Denial" on our blog.
  • Imran Malik has posted an article on why "More Nukes Are Counter-productive for Pakistan" on our blog.

April 2009

March 2009

February 2009

January 2009

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