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Tariq Ramadan lectures
Tariq Ramadan lectures on "Is Liberty and Islamic Value" as MFI president Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad and Vice President Aly R. Abuzakouk listen.

sharmin and tariq
Tariq Ramadan signs his book for MFI Board Member Sharmin Ahmad.

annual dinner 22 #1
Tariq Ramadan chats with attendees.

Islam and Markets talk at GWU
MFI President Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad (center) with GWU students after his talk on "Islam and Markets" on April 26, 2010.

MFI Secretary Tony Sullivan Allison Weir address our Ninth Annual Dinner on media bias in the coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian dispute.
caryle murphy speaks on challenges to objective coverage of Islam and Muslims
Caryle Murphy speaks on challenges to objecive coverage of Islam and Muslims as Alison Weir, Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad and Aly Abuzakouk listen.
Dr. Ahmad moderates the panel on challenges to objective journalism about Islam and Muslims.
Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad moderates the program at Minaret of Freedom Institute's Ninth annual fundraining dinner.
Carule Murphy and Nadia Bilbassy Charters
Caryle Murphy and Nadia Bilbassy Charters at our Ninth annual dinner.
our new banner
Sharmin Ahmad (center) and Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad (r) pose with Amy Kraft at the United Nations' 50th Commission on the Status of Women in front of the Minaret of Freedom Institute's new banner.
csw50 reception
Dr. Ahmad welcomes attendees to the Minaret of Freedom Institute reception at the United Nations' 50th commission on the status of women in New York.
 csw 50 workshop
Sr.  Sharmin Ahmad explains the status of gender equity and gender equality in the Muslim World at the United Nations' 50th commission on the status of women.
Our most recent intern, Sarah Swick has joined the staff as our new Program Assistant, assisting in the execution of existing programs and the development of new ones.

Approximately 100 persons of various faiths attended an interfaith memorial service for the victims of September 11 organized by Muslim women and co-sponsored by MFI at Courthouse Square in Rockville.


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