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Summary of MFI Activities in 2002-2003

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December 2003

  • Dr, Ahmad's paper �On the American Constitution from the Perspective of the Qur�an and the Madinah Compact� has been published in the American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences 20 #3-4 (Summer/Fall), 105.
  • Dr. Ahmad's article on "The Prospects for Iraq" has been published in American Muslim Magazine (Jan. 2004), 30-31.
  • Some members of the International Property Rights Working Group met with Bruce Fein on his return from Iraq where he worked on the reconstitution of the judicial system to ask what provisions are being made for the protection of property rights. Dr. Ahmad conveyed concerns in the Muslim community that Islamic law and Iraqi customs be respected.  The group later met with an aide to the House International Affairs Committee.

November 2003

  • Dr. Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad lectured on "Islam and American Values" at an Objectivist Center forum at the National Press Club. Dr. Ahmad noted that the basic values shared by Islam and American society are universal values and noted the role Islamic civilization played in developing the defense of private property and free markets.
  • Dr. Ahmad's article on "The Patriot Act" has been published in the Nov.-Dec issue of American Muslim Magazine.
  • MFI Secretary Sharmin Ahmad has written an article on the significance of Ramadan.
  • Dr. Ahmad addressed an interfaith gathering at an iftar at Marymount College on the significance of  Ramadan.
  • Several members of the International Property Rights Working Group met with an aide to the to the House International Affairs Committee to discuss the progress of the nation-building in Iraq. Dr. Ahmad expressed concerns about the time-table for the election of the constitutional convention, about the protections of the property rights of Iraqi citizens (and avoiding the Russian privatization model that put all the wealth into the hands of a few), about the care that may be used in accomodating Islamic law in the constituional process, about the need to avoid indigenous Iraqi entrepreneurship from being squelched by competition from taxpayer-subsidized politically influential American corporations, and about he lack of sensitivity to Iraqi culture evidenced by recent incidents that seem to be alienating the Iraqi public.
  • Dr. Ahmad addressed the Salt Lake City Library Association on the significance of the Eid-al-fitr.

October 2003

  • Dr. Ahmad met with a delegation from Kenya sponsored by the U.S. Dept. of State to explain to them the status of Muslims in the United States.
  • Dr. Ahmad partiucipated in the Imam's conference in Villanov, PA, at the Foundation for Islamic Education's conference on the History of Islamic Jurisprudence and Development of Fiqi Schools.
  • The second edition of Signs in the Heavens: A Muslim Astronomer's Perspective on Religion and Scjence has been drafted.
  • Dr. Ahmad MC'ed the Peace and Justice Foundation's Civil Liberties conference at the University of D.C.
  • Dr. Ahmad gave an introduction to Islam to the Foreign Services Institute.

September 2003

August 2003

  • Dr. Ahmad gave a presentation on "Islamic Philanthropy" to the Keenan Institute.
  • MFI Secretary Sharmin Ahmad and President Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad participated as commentators at a special interfaith preview of the Senetics' play "Guests and Hosts," exploring interfaith relations, at the Bethesda Presbyterian Church.
  • Dr. Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad's article "Just Like the Rest of the World Iraq Needs Liberty" appears in the August 2003 issue of Libertarian Party News, refuting the view that Islam is inherently opposed to property rights and freedom.
  • Dr. Ahmad moderated a round-table discussion with the prominent Iranian religious scholar and judge Ayatollah Seyed Mostafa Mohaghegh Damad at the United Associates for Studies and Research offices. About twenty scholars, activiists and policymakers met with Ayatollah Damad for a frank and lively discussion of the state of both inter- and intra- civilizational dialogue since Sept. 11, 2001.
  • Campus Watch founder Daniel Pipes has agreed to publish a correction to his partial listing of a page from the Daily Pennsylvanian website regarding a speech made by Dr. Ahmad at the University of Pennsylvania.

July 2003

  • MFI President Dr. Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad lectured "On Bringing Peace to the Middle East" at the International Society for Individual Liberty world conference in Vilnius, Lithuania. Dr. Ahmad emphasized the importance of a respect for liberty in any realistic solutions to the problems in Iraq and Palestine. He spoke of the opportunity to use established Islamic law to re-establish property rights in Iraq  and gave a summary of the dispute over private vs. "collective" property rights in Palestine/Israel.
  • On July 26, Dr. Ahmad along with representatives of the different Palestinian American organizations met with Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas at a meeting arranged by the American Task Force on Palestine. Dr. Ahmad complimented the prime minister for walking the fine line between diplomacy and clarity, for example, by keeping the Palestinian Right of Return in the public eye by his refrences to U.N. Resolution 194 at the press conferenc with President Bush. Dr. Ahmad encouraged Mr. Abbas to do more also to make the public aware that the overwhelming number of Palestinians held hostage by the Israelis are political prisoners not charged with any violent crime. Mr. Abbas affirmed that the list of prisoners whose release he is seeking include only political prisoners and no one enagaged in violent crime.
  • An article in the Christian Science Monitor (July 18) quotes Dr. Ahmad on the significance of the decision of the prosecutors of Zacarius Moussaoui to defy the orders of Judge Leonie Brinkema and continue to  refuse to produce a key witness in the case against him. Reporter Warren Richey describes the civil libertarian objections to the Justice Dept.'s threat to try Massouie before a military tribunal if  the case agianst him is dismissed:

    "I. Dean Ahmad, president of the Minaret Freedom Institute in Bethesda, Md., says if the president has such power, there is nothing to prevent the administration from designating anyone an enemy combatant.

    "'If you can't win in the civilian court, just call them an enemy combatant,' Mr. Ahmad says. 'It is a slippery slope that would leave no American citizen protected.'"

  • Reason Magazine'sTim Cavanaugh interviewed Dr. Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad on "Revealed Libertarianism."

June 2003

  • MFI President Dr. Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad lead a workshop on "Islam and Capitalism" as part of a program on "Capitalism and Ethics" at Northwood University in Michigan.
  • The Minaret of Freedom Institute held its annual dinner in Bethesda, MD, with featured guest speaker Dr. Othman Ali who spoke on "The Plight of the Kurds and the Prospects for Federalism After the War on Iraq." 
  • Dr. Ahmad gave a lecture on "Islam and the Discovery of Freedom at the ADAMS Center in Sterling, Virginia.
  • MFI board member Maysam Alfaruqi gave atalk at the State Department on "Islam and Democracy: Possibilities, Challenges, and Risks of Bringing Democracy to Islamic Nations, Government, and People"
  • Dr. Ahmad gave a presentation on the operational unity of the Muslim ummah at a meeting of "the Coalition of the Willing" at UDC in Washington, DC.

May 2003

  • Dr. Ahmad lectured on "Economic and Property Rights in Islam" before the Islamic Society of Minnesota.
  • Dr. Ahmad gave a presentation on property rights in Islam and its implications for the nation-building effort in Iraq to the International Property Rights Working Group in Washington, DC.
  • Dr. Ahmad spoke on "New Approaches to Civil Society" at a program on "Democracy, Governance and Rule of Law" sponsored by IRIS and USAID at the University of Maryland.
  • Al-Jazeera Satellite News Channel interviewed MFI Vice President Aly R. Abuzakouk on the latest annual report issued by the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF). The report has issued policy suggestions regarding a number of Muslim Countries. To view the report visit the USCIRF web site.
  • Mr. Abuzakouk was interviewed by Dubai TV Satellite channel Washington Bureau Chief Atif AbdulJawwad on the USCIRF role in US policy making in light of its latest annual report.
  • Mr. Abuzakouk appeared on John Watson's WILM AM 1450 (Willmington North Carolina) talk show to discuss the future of Democracy in Iraq in light of the Sunni -Shi'i differences, and the religious and ethnic diversity of the Iraqi people. 
  • Dr. Ahmad was interviewed by Nicolle Safi of the Chilean publication al-Damir on Abu Mazen and the "Roadmap" for Middle East Peace.

April 2003

  • Dr. Ahmad conducted a leadership seminar focussing on Islam and the Middle East for students in the Montgomery County Public Schools (Maryland).
  • MFI Associate Prof. Grace Goodell spoke on Islamic Civil Society at a conference at the Johns Hopkins School for Advanced International Studies..
  • MFI Vice president Ali Abuzakouk was interviewed by the Cairo journal Sawt-al-`arab (Voice of the Arabs) on the situation in Iraq. He emphasized the need for the American regime to allow Iraqis to rule themselves.
  • Mr. Abuzakouk was interviewed on the London TV outlet al-Mustaqillah on the role of the Minaret of Freedom Institute as one of the few Muslim think tanks educating Muslims and  Americans on public policy.
  • Dr. Ahmad appeared on Anisa Abdel-Fatah's Islamic Broadcasting Network program Civilizational Dialogue program to discuss the War on Iraq.
  • Dr. Ahmad was interviewed by Daniela Sentilices of Que Pasa magazine on the war on Iraq.
  • Dr. Ahmad's speech on "Is the War on Terrorism a War on Liberty," delivered to the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania" was carried by Pennsylvania Cable Television.

March 2003

  • Dr. Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad's review of John Cooley's  Unholy Wars: Afghanistan, America, and International Terrorism will be published in the Journal of Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations. 
  • Dr. Ahmad spoke on "Muslims in the Cross-fire Between an Oppressive East and a Suspicious West" at Islamic Awareness Week at Johns Hopkins Universoty's Homewood Campus.
  • Dr. Ahmad was interviewed by the Islamic Broadcasting network on American Muslims and the Iraq War.
  • Dr. Ahmad addressed the ar-Rahma School Science Fair in Baltimore on" Science and Shari`a."

February 2003

January 2003

  • Dr.Ahmad's article on "The Importance of Distengangling Culture from Religion" was published in the AMSS Newsletter.  
  • MFI Secretary Sharmin Ahmad was the keynote speaker at the conference on "Re-examining Reconciliation: Visions for Renewal" at Valparaiso University sponsored by the Valparaiso Interfaith Program. She spoke on the Qur'anic message on effective dialog for peacebuilding abd how to reach out to people of other cultures and religions.
  • Dr. Ahmad was interviewedby the Islamic Broadcast Network (IBN)'s "Counterpoint" program on the controversy over Rowe v. Wade.
  • Dr. Ahmad was interviewed on the IBN "Civilizational Dialog" program on Bush's state of the Union address.


December 2002

  • The Wall Street Journal declined to print Dr. Ahmad's letter noting the oversights in their op-ed piece on Islamic higher education.
  • Dr. Ahmad was interviewed at the Middle East Studies Association Conference for a special program on Palestine for al-Jazeera television.
  • Dr. Ahmad was interviewed by the Islamic Broadcast Network (IBN) on the significance of Secretary of State Colin Powell's "Middle East Partnership."
  • Dr. Ahmad was interviewed by Katherine Liepens of Que Pasa? on the impending War with Iraq,
  • Dr. Ahmad was interviewed by Susan Roberts of the local ABC affiliate on the raids on Muslim charities.
  • Dr. Ahmad sent a letter to the Crescent Newspaper Web site regarding disagreements over the dates of Eid observations.

November 2002

  • Dr. Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad gave a  talk at a roundtable discussion with George Mason University students on "Islam and Democracy and Two Definitions of Secularism." 
  • Dr. Ahmad presented a paper on "Muslim Culpability in Distortions of Islam" at a IIIT/AMSS/ISESCO seminar on "Peace, Jihad and Conflict Resolution."
  • Islamic Horizon's published Dr. Ahmad's piece on "The Dangers of Vouchers."
  • Dr. Ahmad was interviewed at the Middle East Studies Association Conference for a special program on Palestine for al-Jazeera television.

October 2002

  • Dr. Ahmad's gave a lecture on "Why Is the Muslim World So Angry? Islamic Doctrine, Global Politics, and Prospects for Peace"  at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. 
  • Dr. Ahmad presented a paper at the annual meeting of the American Muslim Social Scientists on "Disentangling Culture from Religion."
  • Dr. Ahmad was interviewed by Darryl Owens of the Orlando Sentinel on the Muslim reaction to the arrests in the Washington area sniper case.
  • We provided WJLA-TV with information on threats against Washington area mosques inspired by the sniper attacks that resulted in an aired broadcast.

September 2002

  • Dr. Ahmad gave a talk on the "Ethics of Industrialization" to the American Muslim Scientists and Engineers at the Islamic Society of North America convention in Washington, DC.  Congress. 
  • Dr. Ahmad was interviewed by the Islamic Broadcast Network on the war since 9/11/01.
  • Dr. Ahmad participated in an interfaith prayer service at the Unity Church in Washington, DC.
  • Dr. Ahmad gave a lecture on the political and sociological considerations to the Islamic Calendar to the Foundation for Islamic Education in Philadelphia, PA.

August 2002

  • Dr. Ahmad was interviewed by James Oliphant of the Legal Times on the status of Muslims in America today.

July 2002

  • Dr. Ahmad's interventions in a seminar on "Combating Terrorism: Possible Lessons for U.S. Policy from Foreign Experiences" have been included in a summary prepared by the Congressional Research Service for the members and committees of Congress. 
  • Dr. Ahmad, together with other Muslim and non-Muslim academics, met with representatives of the Muslim World League to brief them on the status of Islam in America. 
  • Dr. Ahmad's review of Bernard Lewis' What Went Wrong? has been published in the current issue of Middle East Affairs Journal.

June 2002

  • Dr. Ahmad participated in a conference on "Faith and Reason: Convergence and Complementarity" at the Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco sponsored In collaboration with the �Science and the Spiritual Quest II� program of the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences (CTNS), the Interdisciplinary University of Paris (UIP) and UNESCO, with the support of the John Templeton Foundation.  His talk was on "The Rise and Fall of Islamic Science: The Calendar as a Case Study."
  • MFI Vice President Ali Ramadan Abuzakouk was a participant in a full page dialog in Egyptian Al-Ahram newspaper Arabic on the subject of Muslim Organizations in America.
  • Dr. Ahmad gave a talk on "the Importance of Religious Groups in Civil Society" to fifty guests from the Center for Russian Leadership vistiting Catholic University in Washington, DC. for the Library of Congress' Openb World Program on �Leadership Dialogue on Freedom of Religion and Belief.�  The aims of the program are: 1) to introduce key Russian leaders who are responsible for shaping and implementing religion policy in Russia to the institutions of religious freedom in the United States, and to U.S. experts on these themes, and 2) to acquaint U.S. political, academic, and church leaders with Russian views and issues concerning religious freedom.  
  • Dr. Ahmad participated in a workshop on Islam and Democracy sposnored by the Center for Islam and Democracy at the United States Institute for Peace.
  • Dr. Ahmad gave a talk on "Islam and Libertarian Issues Since Sept. 11" at the Queens Libertarian Party in New York.
  • Dr. Ahmad gave an introduction to Islam to students at the Foreign Services Institute.

May 2002

  • Dr. Ahmad addressed the Wheaton Rotary Club on the history of Jerusalem.
  • Dr. Ahmad gave an introduction to Islam to the Foreign Services Institute. 

April 2002

  • The MFI Annual Dinner featured Prof. Sami Al-Arian, the Palestinian fired from the University of South Florida when he became the target of death threats and Merve Kavakci the Turkish parliamentarian removed from office because she wears a headscarf. They spoke on the Threat of Secular Fundamentalism.
  • Dr. Ahmad gave a talk on Muslims and the free market at the Atlas Economic Research Foundation's 2nd Annual Liberty Forum in Philadelphia.   
  • Dr. Ahmad addressed the Third Annual Conference of the Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy:Democratization and Political Violence in Muslim Societies on "The Anti-Correlation Between Democracy And Political Violence In The Experience Of The Khulufah Rashid�n."
  • Dr. Ahmad lectured at the Libertarian Party of Minnesota state convention on  "Islam and Politics."  He addressed three themes (1) the libertarian nature of Islam in the Qur'an and in the classical era; (2) the authoritarian nature of the Muslim world today; and (3) the problems wrought by America's interventionist foreign policy.
  • Dr. Ahmad lectured at the University of Maryland on the history behind current situation in Palestine/Israel.
  • Dr. Ahmad was interviewed by Springfield, Massachusetts radio personality Tony Gill on the Israeli seige of the Church of the Nativity.
  • Dr. Ahmad was interviewed on WWTL Radio on the causes of the current violence in Palestine/Israel.


March 2002

  • MFI President Dr. Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad and MFI Secretary Sharmin Ahmad addressedthe Natural Resources Conservation Service of  the US Dept. of Agriculture on their Diversity Day on Muslim Culture.
  • Dr. Ahmad addressed the Federalist Society on Muslims in America at the Ave Maria Law School in Ann Arbor, MI.
  • Dr. Ahmad addressed Montgomery County (MD) homeschoolers on the Muslim history of the Middle East. 
  • Dr. Ahmad moderated a UASR round table meeting betweeen Muslim activists and intellectuals and the leadership Neturei Karta the Orthodox Jewish anti-Zionist movement.  The meeting ended in a commitment for a new coalition of Jews and Muslims for a faith-based resolution to th evilence in Palestine beginning with a cooperative effort to establish the right of return of Jews to Arab countries from which they originated as well as Palestinians to their homes.
  • Dr. Ahmad lectured on the Muslim History of Jerusalem at an Islamic History Day celebration sponsored by the Islamic History Association at the Muslim Community Center in Silver Spring.
  • Dr. Ahmad was interviewed by Judith Latham of Voice of America and by WWTL radio on the current violence in Israel and Palestine.
  • Dr. Ahmad met with Mr. James Wani Igga, Secretary-General, Sudan Peoples� Liberation Movement (SPLM) to discuss a fact-finding mission to the Sudan.

February 2002

  • Dr. Ahmad spoke on "Contributions of Muslims to Science and Civilization" before the Islamic Society of Afghans. 
  • Dr. Ahmad presented an introduction to Islam at the Foreign Service Institute of the State Dept. 
  • Dr. Ahmad spoke on Islam and American values to the Potomac Presbyterian Church.
  • Dr. Ahmad met with Mr. Phagan Umum (SPLM, Secretary General, National Democratic Alliance, Mr. Ahmed Abdel Rahman, Secretary, Council of International Peoples� Friendship, a Senior Minister in the Khartoum Government, and Ambassador Khidir H. Ahmed, Head of Mission, Embassy of Sudan, Washington, D.C. to discuss a fact-finding mission to the Sudan.


January 2002

  • MFI President Dr. Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad participated as a resource person at a Congressional Research Services program at the Library of Congress on "Combating Terrorism: Possible Lesson for U.S. Policy from Foreign Experiences,"  to comment on the presentations of Prof. Martha Crenshaw of Wesleyan University, Prof. Christopher Hewiott of the University of Maryland, and Mr. Peter Probst, formerly of the CIA.  Dr. Ahmad corrected misimpressions by which the American government has underestimated the significance of foreign policy blunders in creating the violence that has been misdirected against American civilians. 
  • Dr. Ahmad's article "Islam Demands a Response to the Terror of September 11" has been published in the Middle East Affairs Journal.
  • Dr. Ahmad met with Hisham El-Tinay of the Salam Sudan Foundation to develop plans for an interfaith fact-finding mission to Sudan. 
  • Dr. Ahmad gave an introduction to the tenets of Islam at the National Presbyterian Church in Washington, DC. 
  • Dr. Ahmad participated in a press conference at the National Press Club on the background and circumstances of the arrest of Jamil Al-Amin (formerly H. Rap Brown).



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