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Summary of MFI Activities in 2008

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December 2008

  • Dr. Ahmad was interviewed by Alex Serotin of Radio Free Europe on the Israeli attacks on Gaza.
  • Imran Malik wrote a blog on Hindu Terrorists.
  • Dr. Ahmad wrote a blog on The Tragedy in Gaza.

November 2008

  • We met with a delegation from Kyrgystan to discuss development of Islamic civil society.       
  • We attended a CATO forum on intellectual property rights       
  • We attended an Atlas special program on lessons from the poor.      
  • Dr. Ahmad spoke on the Gulen movement at GU�s CMCU.       
  • Dr. Ahmad was a panelist on EBRU-TV�s World Affairs programs on Third World Debt, and The Financial Crisis.       
  • We met with a Muslim delegation from China to discuss Islam in the U.S. and characteristics that distinguish it from Islam in other western countries as well as in other regions of the world.         
  • Dr. Ahmad represented the Minaret of Freedom Institute at the 62nd annual MEI conference on �US Middle East Policy: Pathways to Renewal.�       
  • Dr. Ahmad represented the Minaret of Freedom Institute at the unveiling of the AMCE book digest project at IIIT.       
  • Imran Malik wrote a blog on �Obsession: Neoconservatives Assault on the Islamic Faith�
  • Dr. Ahmad wrote a blog �Dare We Hope?� on the prospects for an Obama administration.

October 2008

September 2008

August 2008

  • MFI president Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad was interviewed by New Republic magazine�s Suzy Khimm on �Islam and Libertarianism.�
  • The Islamic Rules of Order has been published by amana publications.
  • We participated in a meeting of the One Nation initiative�s �Telling Our Story� media seminar.
  • We met with Dr. Li Feng from China to discuss the status of Muslims in America.
  • Dr. Ahmad was moderator/participant in a discussion of the meaning and practice of Ramadan for EBRU-TV�s �Perspectives on Faith.�

July 2008

  • MFI president Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad gave a presentation on "Religion and Science from the Quranic Perspective" at the IIIT Scholars Seminar and at GW Law school for Karamah. 
  • Alejandro Beutel met with Senator Menendez�s staffers on Homeland Security and Civil Liberties issues, and presented his paper on Homegrown Terrorism and Radicalization.
  • Dr. Ahmad participated in EBRU-TV �World Affairs� panel discussions on �world hunger� and �interfaith cooperation and reconciliation.�
  • Esam Omeish�s speech at our annual dinner is the subject of a Scholar�s Chair program on CTV and Bridges TV. And is available on DVD.
  • Dr. Ahmad was interviewed by Soraya Salam of IBN on Muslims in America.
  • Charles Butterworth published a guest blog �Averroes Would Be Appalled� (unpublished letter to the Washington Post) on a Zionist attack on an Arabic Textbook.
  • Dr. Ahmad was interviewed by Josh Gerstein of the NY Sun in a NY Sun article on a Virginia prosecutor's persecution of Muslims in America.
  • Alejandro Beutel wrote a blog on the DC MPAC Youth Summit.
  • Dr. Ahmad and Alejandro Beutel published a blog on �Politics and Policies are the Real Problem, Not Faith.�

June 2008

May 2008

April 2008

  • MFI president Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad spoke in a panel discussion entitled, "Protecting Human Dignity and Freedom of Worship" at The Prince Alwaleed Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding at Georgetown University with Islamic leaders from Indonesia and the Philippines.
  • MFI Vice President Aly Abuzakouk and Dr. Ahmad participated in the Pope�s meeting with Muslim and other American religious leaders in Washington DC.
  • Dr. Ahmad was interviewed on EBRU TV's "Perspectives on Faith" program on the relationship between Islam and science.
  • Dr. Ahmad appeared with Alison Weir on �The Spiritual Politician� radio program to discuss the plight of the Palestinians.
  • We were interviewed by Michelle Boorstein on the significance of the Pope�s visit to Muslims.
  • Dr. Ahmad spoke on a panel on the �Prophets in the Abrahamic Religions� for the University of Maryland Honors Program.
  • Dr. Ahmad participated in a panel discussion entitled, "Protecting Human Dignity and Freedom of Worship" before a visiting delegation of academics from the Philippines and Thailand at the CCMU at Georgetown University.
  • Zaynab Alwani gave a presentation on Women in Islam at our brown bag luncheon series.
  • Dr. Ahmad represented the Minaret of Freedom Institute at a Heritage Foundation presentation on the late Barry Goldwater at which he inquired as to Goldwater�s position on warfare in the absence of a declaration of war.
  • Alejandro Beutel�s article �Western Foreign Policies and State Security: Proposal Framework for International Strategies in the War against Global Terrorism� was published in the International Journal of the Humanities.
  • Dr. Ahmad participated in the Heritage Resource Bank and Atlas Economic Research Foundation Liberty Forum in Atlanta.
  • Alejandro Beutel published two blogs: "Democratization in Turkey: Stumbling Blocks and the Prospects" and "A Metric of Security Failure: America �Bleeding Green� in the Fight Against Al-Qaeda."
  • Dr. Ahmad published a blog on "The Economic Impact of the Iraq War."

March 2008

  • MFI President Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad spoke on �Prophet Abraham from an Islamic Perspective� in a panel discussion in the series "Children of Abraham, Jews and Muslims in Conversation" at the Islamic Society of Southern Prince George�s County.
  • MFI Vice President Aly Abuzakouk and Dr. Ahmad participated in a discussion of "Faith-Based Diplomacy: Bridging the Religious Divide" with Dr. Douglas Johnston, Founder and President of the International Center for Religion and Diplomacy, at the International Institute of Islamic Thought, aimed at deepening our understanding of the positive role that religion and religious actors can play in peacemaking or in addressing conflicts with a real - or percieved - religious dimension.
  • Dr. Ahmad gave a presentation on "The Unity of the Islamic Ummah" for the Islamic Information Center at the Jafary Mosque in Burtonsville, MD.
  • Josiah Ryan included Dr. Ahmad's comments as a counter-balance to Walid Phares's views in "Jihad Against West Well-Entrenched, Author Says."
  • Dr. Ahmad spoke on "Muslim Victims of Grand Jury Abuse" at the Muslim Community Center in Silver Spring.
  • Dr. Ahmad gave a presentation on �Prophet Abraham from an Islamic Perspective� as part of the interfaith dialog curricullum: "The Children of Abraham; Jews and Muslims in Conversation."
  • We participated in the Arab and Youth Summit in Dearborn, Michigan, with a special focus on interfaith activity.
  • Dr. Ahmad was interviewed on "Shariah in the American Courts" for the "Living Islam in America" television program on Fairfax Public Access.
  • Dr. Ahmad gave an "Introduction to Islam" at Edge Consulting.
  • Alejandro Beutel wrote a blog on "Bonyads and Iranian Liberty."

February 2008

Dr. Ahmad meets Prof.
Dr. Jamal Barzinji, Prof. Sibghatullah Al-Mojadded, Nihad Awad, and Dr. Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad

January 2008



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